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Mansar lake

Mansar Lake

As we know India is a diverse country in all aspects such as religion, geographical areas and natural beauty. Jammu and Kashmir is also an adorable part of India. Jammu and Kashmir is called the heaven of the world too. However there are a lot of places in Jammu and Kashmir but now we discuss Mansar lake.


As we all know that, INDIA is a large country with huge varieties of people. In India there is Union  territory which had announced earlier is Jammu and Kashmir. In jammu and Kashmir there are large number of district and divisions. Here we will introduce you with one of the town of Samba district GHAGWAL. … Read more

Rajpura Samba, Jammu

As you know guys India is a very Different country in all aspects. India have people with different religious with different thinking, but still after these all India is One country. India also known as county of temples, just because of that, India have different religious people. So, India allow all to freely share your … Read more

Mohargarh Fort


As we know jammu and Kashmir is state of great history. In jammu only their is lots of old monuments which have their on incredible history and beauty. Mohargarh is also an old fort which situated in district samba. Mohargarh fort must be counted by tourist department as a tourist spot or picnic spot. Past … Read more

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Structured query language(SQL) is a non-procedural computer language, aimed to Store, manipulate and query data stored in relational database and also used to create interface between user and database. Now-a-days Structured query language(SQL) is mostly used in web servers to store data. Advantages of Structured query language(SQL) : 1. High speed 2. Easy to learn … Read more

Loops in C++

loops in C++

Before starting about Loops in C++ we have to understand what is statement. A computer program is a set of instructions is known as statement. These statements are executed sequentially one after the other. In this article we are going to talk about loops in C++ . So before we talk about loop we have … Read more

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