As we all know that, INDIA is a large country with huge varieties of people. In India there is Union  territory which had announced earlier is Jammu and Kashmir. In jammu and Kashmir there are large number of district and divisions. Here we will introduce you with one of the town of Samba district GHAGWAL.

Location of GHAGWAL

Ghagwal is a tehsil and municipality in Samba. GHAGWAL is situated 10 km away from samba district. Pincode of ghagwal is 184141. As GHAGWAL is a  tehsil and along with it there are many administration offices like ZEO(zonal education office), BDO(block development office) extra. GHAGWAL is developing block.  Ghagwal is near to NATIONAL HIGHWAY NH -44  Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Railway station is also near it with code GHGL and falls under northern zone. Mostly all facilities are available in Ghagwal. Ghagwal is famous for having a very sacred and religious temple NARSINGH DHAM. Lot of people come there.


Villages in GHAGWAL

In Ghagwal there are lot of small villages known with different names some are:-

  • Harsath
  • Jasath
  • Nonath
  • Sandhi
  • Tapyal
  • Rehi
  • Channi samotra
  • Raghuchack
  • Randhwal and many moreā€¦


As the NARSINGH DHAM already mentioned above, due to this Ghagwal is very famous, people of different States (like  Punjab ) came there for their domestic puja.  In this temple ,every year the great fair(mela) for Janmashtami( Birthday of Lord Krishna ) and Rathkhada mela on December 27-28 with great joy and enthusiasm.


Transportation Facilities

All the transport  facilities are very  good within and out of state from Ghagwal . One can go and come easily through highway or railway at day and night.  People of all religion live there. 24 hours service of transport available here. Ghagwal is linked to another another tehsil through link road (ghagwal to rajpura). Rajpura is a different tehsil near to Ghagwal.

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Education Facilities

Educational institutes and other facilities are also available here.  As all the villages are mentioned, every village have at least one school. There are different schools some are:-

  1. Vinod vidhya mandir
  2. Modern institute of education
  3. Narsingh Vidhya mandir
  4. Tagore institute of education
  5. Bal Bhawan academy

and many more in different villages. There are also Government schools in Ghagwal with high teaching facilities. Ghagwal also have many Institutes for coaching. Government schools are:-

  1. Government higher secondary school
  2. Girls high school
  3. Government middle school

Mentioned villages are also have a primary school there.

Electricity and water facilities

Electricity facilities are not very good here . There are frequent power cuts. No any timing which need to be improve. The main head of electricity department lies in sadhi near calvary mission high school.

Water comes only once a day for half an hour. Water department is near narsingh mandir. Services isn’t too good moderately good.

Health Facilities

If we talk about health facilities, health facilities are too good in Ghagwal because their is Government Accidental Hospital available which is also a cancer patient center. All the services are available at this hospital. Many private clinics are their like Chauhan Medicare and extra. Their are many clinical laboratories. so, if we talk about health facilities then that is too good in Ghagwal.


People, market and languages

Most people are dogri speaking and Hindi is also in use but official works are done in English and Urdu but now after the revocation of article 370 official works are done in Hindi Language.

About market, there are very famous shop for clothes like SK&B where people of nearby areas use to come. Also there are almost all shops are present which help people in day to day life. And fulfill their basic necessities.

Agriculture Facilities

In Ghagwal some people depends on farming also, some people who have their fields in Ghagwal they use to sow corns  in ravi and some plough their fields with Rice who have field in raghuchack because of presence of more water there. Wheat is common in both areas with having water scarcity and efficiency. There is also a block from where people take seeds and much more like pesticides and fertilizers also.

Fame and Name

The famous places to visit there are Narsingh Temple, 1 km away from Ghagwal  there is a great restaurant(Coco) with having high quality fast food marked with safety and security. There is one official petrol pump of Bharat petroleum which is very famous due to its service as well as view of petrol pump it looks too good.

Guys this all information is given and written by Abhishek Mundyal. he is local of Ghagwal so you can think how much this information is accurate.

This is all about the Ghagwal we try our best to share everything about the Ghagwal but if we skip anything you can share that with us in comment section. You can also start discussion in comment section about Ghagwal. let’s see what you discuss Guys.

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