How to install TWRP in Tenor G


We are going to talk about ” How to install TWRP in Tenor G “. Before this lets talk about tenor g, what is recovery, Damages of installing custom recovery. So lets start discussion you can also take part using comments 😁 .

Tenor G

Tenor G is a very beautiful android smartphone runing on Oreo/nougat. This device release on October 3, 2017 (Official). This device comes with dual sim. It comes with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 MSM8953 Pro with Octa core, 2.2 GHz, Cortex A53. Architecture is 64 bit. Graphics is Adreno 506. Have Dual camera setup 13M + 13M and 16 M in Front. Battery capacity is 4000 mAh. Screen size is 5.5 inch. This model comes with two varient 3Gb Ram and 4Gb Ram with intertnal storage 64 Gb. It comes with stock android it is very powerful due this. It have very speedy performance.

What is Recovery Mode

Recovery mode will allow you to reboot your system and get a fresh start without any viruses or other issues that were potentially causing you trouble. It allow you to reset also but with owner protection. It show you your system logs. It helps to boot in adb mode. It helps to boot in fastboot mode.

Technically, Recovery Mode Android refers to a special bootable partition, which contains a recovery application installed in it. For more about recovery check.

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Damage of installing custom recovery

If you overclock your CPU or change your display density or tweak your hardware resources to use at their maximum potential or run heavy games which weren’t working on your default ROM. Then there are chances you might brick your phone or can cause any hardware damage.

If u don’t do the above said things Custom ROMs are the most safest ROM compared to the Stock ROMs which nowadays comes with lotta bloatwares and Ads. Then you are safe. If your phone is steel by anyone not you have custom recovery install then the thief can easily get your data from your phone. Easily can break your lock of you smartphone. So, if you are going to keep private files on that phone after installing custom recovery then don’t do that…

These few are the damage of installing custom recovery in your smartphone.

How to install TWRP in Tenor G

We are going to discuss about “How to install TWRP in Tenor G” Before starting on How to install TWRP in Tenor G their is one note for ou guys:

Note: Any damage occur with your smartphone during the process “How to install TWRP in Tenor Gwe are not responsible for that.

Password for all zip files is radeshsharma

1.You have to unlock bootloader first….
check how to unlock:

2.Connect your Tenor G with laptop using USB cable.

3. Download and extract “platform tool zip“.

4.Download “recovery.img” file for Tenor G

5. Paste the recovery.img in Platform tool folder.

6.Open platform tool folder and press shift + right click.

7. Select open powershell window here.

For better tutorial we introduce video tutorial check this:


8. Enter command adb devices to see that tenor g is connected properly or not.

9.If Device is connected properly, then enter fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

10. Wait for completing the process.

11.Now Enter fastboot boot recovery.img .

How to install TWRP in Tenor G
Source:Cracker Education

Yup!!! Recovery installed successfully.

This is all about “How to install TWRP in Tenor G” . Please ensure that you have unlocked bootloader and installed qualcomm port drivers successfully in your PC, otherwise process will not sucessfully done and you have to face problem while doing “How to install TWRP in Tenor G”. So, check article about how to unlock bootloader and install qualcomm drivers.

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