How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G


We are going to talk about ” How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G “. Before this lets talk about tenor g, what is bootloader, Damages of unlocking the bootloader. So lets start discussion you can also take part using comments 😁 .

Tenor G

Tenor G is a very beautiful android smartphone runing on Oreo/nougat. This device release on October 3, 2017 (Official). This device comes with dual sim. It comes with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 MSM8953 Pro with Octa core, 2.2 GHz, Cortex A53. Architecture is 64 bit. Graphics is Adreno 506. Have Dual camera setup 13M + 13M and 16 M in Front. Battery capacity is 4000 mAh. Screen size is 5.5 inch. This model comes with two varient 3Gb Ram and 4Gb Ram with intertnal storage 64 Gb. It comes with stock android it is very powerful due this. It have very speedy performance.

What is Bootloader ?

The bootloader is a program that starts whenever a device is powered on to activate the right operating system. It is therefore not only a trait reserved to Android, but also one that can be find out all devices with an operating, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a PC etc.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G
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The bootloader determines when to run Android or when to enter recovery mode. Bootloader’s task is to boot/start a program either operating system{android} or load recovery.img.

Why Bootloader is locked by Default ?

It is locked by default that user use only installed operating system not can make changes in it. Some company gives their bootloader already unlocked. By unlocking bootloader we can install an authorised software which can void our warranty.

Damages of unlocking the bootloader

If you unlock your bootloader and you by mistake stole your smartphone then there is null protection in your device due to unlocked bootloader. Because if you have unlocked bootloader then by booting your device into fastboot mode you can change the system files easily. You can also remove smartphone’s pattern. By unlocking your bootloader you also void your warranty. If you have unlocked bootloader and you are trying to install an unauthorised software that software can also Steel your data and sell to other companies. That unauthorised softwares also have some virus components in it by that your device also can damaged. These all are the damages of unlock the bootloader.

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Why to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G

We want to unlock the bootloader of tenor G. Because there is a need to install latest update in this device because company is not giving the latest updates to this device. So, what keeping connect with the competitive world we have to update our Tenor g . This is the main reason to unlock the bootloader of tenor G. As company is not giving updates.

So, we have to install some custom ROMs who overcome this issue. For installing custom ROMs we have to install any custom recovery. For installing custom recovery we have to unlock the fastboot mode. So, for unlocking the fastboot mode we have to unlock our bootloader. Also if we want to root our device Tenor g then we also have to unlock our bootloader first.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G

Before I start discussing about how to unlock bootloader of tenor G . I want to give you small notice about if any damage done during this process of unlocking the bootloader for that we are not responsible. So,do everything at your own risk. If you follow our all the steps then you are not going to face any problem.

Password for all zip files is radeshsharma

1.First of all you have to install “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” in your PC.
if you don’t know how to install it follow the video below.

2. Install adb drivers in your pc.

3. Install “Tenor G Bootloader Unlock tool“.

4. Switch off your Tenor G.

5. Press volume up + down + Power on button to boot in edl mode.
you got just black screen

6. Connect your Tenor G with PC using USB cable.

7. Open Tenor G bootloader unlock tool.

8. Select first option and scan for port, select port.

9. Select mbn option and select the firehose.mbn from Tenor G Bootloader Unlock tool files folder.

If you have any problem related to this topic check video tutorial:-


10. Select XML file prog.xml from Tenor G bootloader unlock tool Files folder.

11. Click on flash
Wait till log box show successful message.

12. Click reboot device
If reboot device function doesn’t work. Then manual power on Tenor G by
pressing the power on button for long.

13. Download and extract “platform tools zip” file.

14. Open the folder where you extract platform tools zip, in the folder press shift+ right click and select open powershell window here.

15. Now in powershell you have to run some commands.
Enter adb devices To check connected devices your tenor g must be connected
using usb cable. For more help check video tutorial.

16. If your device is connected now enter adb reboot bootloader, Now your device will booted into bootloader, now enter, fastboot oem unlock, after entering this command your device will show new window and ask you yes or no, Enter yes, now your device will be restored.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G

Yup!!! Bootloader is unlocked.

This is the all about “How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G”. For more related to How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G or recovery in Tenor G or Custom Rom Comment Below.

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14 thoughts on “How to Unlock Bootloader of Tenor G”

  1. After typing ‘fastboot oem unlock’
    It says
    Waiting for device
    No yes or no option
    Then nothing happens
    What should i do ?
    Please help me

    • Don’t worry this problem is very small that mean your device driver are not properly installed So you should first install the device drivers properly which are the fastboot drivers and adb drivers if you didn’t find any fast boot drivers link in our post then you can google it.
      In second case maybe you are drivers are properly installed but your smartphone didn’t boot into fast boot mode so you have to do the all the steps again for more queries and for getting better explanation. You can check the video given in the post.
      I hope after this all your problem will be fixed if not then please let me know

  2. Hii my devices ADB command all worked and the whole process was successful expect fastboot OEM unlock .. why it didn’t work I don’t know please help me I flashed my phone but the bootloader was not unlocked successfully

  3. didn’t work….flashed all files but when u rebooted into bootloader…none of fastboot commands are working except fastboot devices….when tried command like fastboot oem umlock…this error showed “”FAILED (remote: ‘unknown command’) fastboot: error: Command failed””

  4. After flashing that mbn and xml file my phone is not starting. When plug in charger then only that indicator light blinking. Phone is dead…

    • Press the lock button for aprox. 30 sec your phone will be rebooted don’t worry that ok that is not any issue because that reboot option in tool sometimes not working so you have to reboot manually. Your phone is showing only indicating led because that is in edl mode.


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