How to install wordpress locally without xampp


Everyone who want to install wordpress locally, things about install wordpress locally without xampp. So, here we are going to talk about “How to install wordpress locally without xampp ” . Before starting about it we have to talk about some topic. Let’s start.

What is a Wordress?

WordPress is a software kit which helps a website to work automated. This software kit consists of many software. In wordpress we can change theme at any time, can change style-sheet any time… In wordpress we don’t need to code, this software help us to do blogging by runing a website without any technical Knowledge. Here are a feature with name plugins, by this feature we can make site very good functional.

install wordpress locally without xampp

What is a Xampp?

XAMPP is a free and open-source cross-platform web server. It is developed by Apache Friends.It Consists of Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages. This mainly used by most people for testing their site in their PC locally. XAMPP is a best solution to run site in windows.

What it does mean Install wordpress locally ?

Install WordPress locally means that we are going to install wordpress software in our own personal computer or laptop . Now all the php files of wordpress are present in your PC’s any folder.

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You can now run test website in your PC with remote IP (e.g: Now you can install plugins in your wordpress and run the beautiful website.

Now, let’s move toward how to install wordpress locally without xampp.

How to install wordpress locally without xampp

Follow all the steps below to get successful results about How to install wordpress locally without xampp :

1.Download WordPress Module from Bitnami server.

2.After downloading the .exe file open the setup.

3.It will ask about Prefer language select language.

4.Then Select Components click on both wordpress as well phpmyadmin.

5.Choice the directory please ensure that directory have to empty.

6.Now enter you real name.

7.Email address for testing like automated emails.

8.Make username for wordpress.

9.Setup new password.

10.Config. your Blog Name.

11.Setup Email Configuration.

12.Now untick Deploy wordpress to cloud, if you need you can.

13.Select Next and Next Process will start of installation.

Yup!!!! Done.

If you want Video Tutorial You can see this youtube video tutorial.


Frequently asked Question about How to install wordpress locally without xampp:

Should I can install wordpress locally ?

Yes, you can there are many ways to install wordpress locally, you can also check our tutorial.

How can I check my WordPress site without going live?

You can install wordpress locally in pc and check changes in your own pc, then you can change live.

Is installing wordpress without xampp/wamp possible?

Yes, it is possible using bitnami wordpress module or using docker service.

Is installing wordpress in pc is free?

Yes Absolutely Free of cost.

Can we install plugins in Locally WordPress?

Yes you can install plugin in your wordpress locally but for that you have to connect your pc with internet connection.

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