Mansar lake


As we know India is a diverse country in all aspects such as religion, geographical areas and natural beauty. Jammu and Kashmir is also an adorable part of India. Jammu and Kashmir is called the heaven of the world too. However there are a lot of places in Jammu and Kashmir but now we discuss Mansar lake.

Mansar lake

Generally known as mansar lake. Mansar Lake is situated at a distance of 25 kilometre from district Samba. Mansar Lake is situated at the distance of 62 km from Jammu.  But actually Mansar Lake  in the area of Udhampur district and locality is called Buttal 182127. Mansar Lake covered about 59 hectares area and depth about 38 metres.


History of Mansar Lake

History of Mansar lake according to religious beliefs, lake relates to the five brothers called Pandava.

During their vanvas Pandavas also spent their time in (Manwal) 12 kilo metres away from Mansar Lake. Still there are ancient buildings, places and Mandir are present.

Arujn is one of Pandav who make this lake. Surinsar (old name srugsar ) lake is also interconnected with Mansar Lake according to religious sentiments. It is also said that Arjun entered from the surinsar lake and Came out from Mansar lake. And this Mansar lake formed.

Religious sentiments with mansar lake

Mansar lake is ancient since it also has religious relations with the locality and in the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir. Mundan (the first hair cut baby boy ) in this particular place is considered good and this is also an old custom. Which visitors also considered to make a whole round of lake is bless . Mansar lake is mainly Holly and tourist place for the visitors. In Mansar temple of Naga Devta, Sheshnag (which has 6 six heads )is located on the bank of mansar lake sheshnag shrine is the main temple of mansar lake.

Some More Religious Sentiments toward the Mansar Lake is that there is Lord Naag Devta(Sheshnag) is present in the lake in the East side of the Lake. Who take care of the people near the Mansar lake.

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Vegetation near Mansar Lake

There are almost 46 species. The main fish in the lake is carp fish. This is one of the fish of freshwater lake fish. Fish is also found in freshwater lakes in shivalik mountains facing unprecedented threat to its existence. In Mansar Lake there is also tortoise and some other animals such as deer, nilgai, peacock, Cranes, rabbits, and ducks. Mansar lake is forest covered Balraj trees pine trees common trees nearby lake. Also covered with natural flowers and mountain grass. We can say that vegetation is quite pretty and adorable.

Mansar Lake as a Tourist spot

Mansar lake is a genuine tourist spot now. Tourist spot and sightseeing definition and also a holy place for Hindu community. Everyone can easily enjoy the natural area. Nearby there are small market shops where you can buy good things and service. Parks and lake beds are open to everyone for exercise and to spend their leisure time. In Mansar Lake there is also a gaming corridor for the children’s and a little golf club. You can also enjoy the local food restaurants. Boats are provided by (jammu and kashmir tourism department) you can enjoy the boating also.


You can feed lake’s fishes only with flour balls, Feeding with any other food is not allowed. “Fishing is not allowed”. Some restrictions are also applied for the safety of wild life sanctuary animals. Bathing in the lake is not allowed because it makes the lake water impure.

How to Reach Mansar Lake

Mansar is located in surinsar-mansar wildlife sanctuary. It is about 48 kilometres east from the city of the jammu. On other hand if you are on Highway NH-44 then you can  take a turn from mansar mode on udhampur-Srinagar road From Samba district. For more convenience you can use Google maps.

When you take turn from NH-44 toward udhampur-Srinagar road From Samba district after a while you will start seeing beautiful mountains and natural habitats. Near the Mansar Lake Area all the people live in ancient traditional way, but now-a-days people are developing everything slowly-slowly.

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