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As we know jammu and Kashmir is state of great history. In jammu only their is lots of old monuments which have their on incredible history and beauty. Mohargarh is also an old fort which situated in district samba. Mohargarh fort must be counted by tourist department as a tourist spot or picnic spot.

Past of Mohargarh :-

According to the civilian and locality of near by Mohargarh fort their are lot of stories are their to listen. Mohargarh is made by Pandava during their exile and so many stories are there to listen. But the main story is that when Pandava are exile with their wife, at that time they build it to make shelter for them. There is also a pond exists which is also made by the Pandava. In early time maybe it used for preserving and conserving the water. By just a simple look we can estimate how incredible it will be in his time.

Present of Mohargarh :-

Mohargarh now is out from the sight of jammu administration. Even jammu and Kashmir tourism department not look on it. This monument(Mohargarh) getting worst day by day. Local people claimed that government Department not seen it once. Mohargarh if reconstruct by administration it will be one of tourist spot. Mohargarh can be a very Good monument of Jammu and Kashmir if administration will see it properly. There is also a Pond Near it, that pond can be rebuild to gave a new look to make this monument(Mohargarh). Pond have no supply of clean and drinkable water. Mainly it depends upon seasonal and uncertain rain. Administration have to be serious about this before this extinct.


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Reach to Mohargarh:-

Mohargarh is approximate 24 kilometres inside from the district samba Mansar morh, Balod, Shah, Sarna and Chilladangha to Mohargarh. Mohargarh also known as ‘morgad’ by local people. Road condition is not so well that take to much time reach destination. To Mohargarh you can approach other road by Nud, Mansar via Janda. Road to the Mohargarh fort is little hilly and one way road with sharp turns with the edge of mountains. Now I am going to elaborate how you can come Mohargarh through NH-44 :

  1. As you reach on NH-44, Now reach Samba Bus Stand.
  2. From Samba Bus Stand take the Bus for Nud or Mansar-Battal Or Directly For Sarna Bus. (If you are on your own vehicle then Just follow the route)
  3. If you take Nud or Mansar-Battal bus then you have to leave bus at Balod Mod.
  4. From Balod mod take the sarna bus.
  5. From there you have to cover 12km aprox.
  6. Done Sarna Bus will drop you at Sarna Village.
  7. From their you have to walk little if your are not on your own vehicle.
  8. After a small time you will reach Mohargarh .
  9. Enjoy the Scene.

Locality of Mohargarh:-

As Mohargarh situated in in state Jammu and Kashmir which lies in North of India. Which lies in in mountain vegetation. Civilians are mostly Dogra and muslim (Gurjar). Weather in as same as area of Jammu not much cold and not much hot. Forest are mostly covered with the mountain grass and trees of pine. In the list of wild animals there is no more animals but peacock, monkey and wild fox are found. Language which uses in communication is mainly Hindi and Dogri. Overall we can say that locality near by fort is favorable that any outsiders must easily mingle into them. Locality people are pretty much familiar.

Future of Moharghar:-

If Mohargarh fort look up by the jammu and kashmir tourism department in future this monument(Mohargarh) will be bring a attraction of tourists and travelers. As described already in article. However this fort is about to end but we still have time. By this article we tried to make administration and locality aware about our incredible history of jammu and kashmir and India. May this article put a light on history and present condition of Mohargarh fort. May we help to save our precious and incredible history.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is Mohargarh?

Mohargarh is a Fort in Samba District, J & k. Mohargarh is also a village named Mohargarh because of Mohargarh Fort.

Where is Mohargarh Situated?

Mohargarh is Situated in Samba District of union territory J & K

Is Mohargarh is a Historic Place ?

Yes, Mohargarh is a historic place just because that it is made by Pandava.

Is Mohargarh is Tourist Place?

Mohargarh is tourist place for only local people because it is going to extinct and administration is not taking care of it.

Which type of place is Mohargarh?

Mohargarh is very beautiful place cover with hills and pond.

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