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As you know guys India is a very Different country in all aspects. India have people with different religious with different thinking, but still after these all India is One country. India also known as county of temples, just because of that, India have different religious people. So, India allow all to freely share your religious facts and talks.

In this whole article I am going to talk about the Village Rajpura Samba of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory of India.

Rajpura Samba

Rajpura Samba is situated in 17.1 km away from Samba which is a District of Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir. Village Rajpua Samba is a Tehsil, So mainly all the administrative works of the nearest all the areas will done through here at Tehsildar office. The total population of this village Rajpura Samba Is approx 2500 houses as per the record of social welfare department. This village Rajpura Samba is 4 kilometre away from the International border. So whenever terrorist activities come in flow, this area is under high alert. This area Rajpura Samba is not completely developed but we can say that the area is developed. Because in Rajpura Samba all types of facilities is provided here.

History of the Rajpura Samba

Rajpura Samba before 75 years ago(present 2020) also called as “kotiya bala Pind”. In last 90s this also called as “Bara dari” because this village have 12 wells and 12 mini ponds. This Village Rajpura Samba is also famous for Ram Mandir. This Ram Mandir is aprox. 150 years old. When early 20 was start this Village called as Rajpura Samba.

Rajpura Samba
Ram Mandir

Present Of Rajpura Samba

As I mentioned before that village Rajpura Samba is a Tehsil. So this village is under development. Village Rajpura Samba also has a Police Chowki which ensure the security. Now this Village is good example of under development villages.

Rajpura Samba
Main Bazar

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Religion of people in Rajpura Samba

Mainly all the people in Rajpura Samba are Hindu but there is also around 22-30 houses of Christians, 50-60 houses of Sikh and very rare Muslim. But all the the religion people live together in a very good manner. Sikh and questions participate in the activity of Hindu people and Hindus also participate in other religion’s people’s activities.

Water Supply In Rajpura Samba

Water level and water supply in village Rajpura Samba is also good there are two tube wells which comes under the PHE department. The PHE department take care of these two Tube wells. They also treat this water with chlorine for good supply of water to the village’s people. Some people also have a hand pump In their houses. But most of the people carry drinking water from tube well.

Electricity Supply in Rajpura Samba

If we talk about the electricity supply in Rajpura Samba. There is power house in Rajpura Samba which provide the electricity nearest All The villages of the border area. If we talk about the electricity shortage, then yes there is moderated electricity shortage is available.

Education in Rajpura Samba

The education level in village Rajpura Samba is quite good. In our new generation there is no one which is not participating in education. Village Rajpura Samba consists of many schools. There are three Government schools, Government Girls middle school, government boys middle school, Government Higher Secondary School Rajpura. There are three private school one is Secondary School, and other two are Higher Secondary Schools.

The private secondary School is is Shri Narsingh Vidya peeth School Rajpura. World model Higher Secondary School Rajpura, Modern Sharma Higher Secondary School Rajpura these two are private Higher Secondary Schools in village Rajpura Samba. So if we talk about education till higher secondary then there is all the facilities are available. For higher education students have to go Samba Or Hiranagar.

Health facilities of Rajpura Samba

There is one Government dispensary and one sub centre. The government dispensary provide government supply medicine to the people of Rajpura Samba. Sub centre is a Centre for those ladies which are pregnant and need daily basis check up. There are 6-7 private medical shop which sell medicine with valid licence.

Language of the people in Rajpura Samba

The language of the people in Rajpura samba is Dogri and at administrator level Urdu. All the people locally talk in Dogri in their day to day life.

Market in Rajpura Samba

If we talk about the market in Rajpura Samba there is not a very huge market but it is also not a small market there are many clothes shops, around 10 to 12 sweet shops. There are 2-3 mobile shops which sell new new smartphones, repair the software, repair the mobile hardware extra. One Mobile Shop have all the facilities like Repair, sell old as well new smartphones, smartphone covers, Recharge, Chargers, batteries, Laptop accessories. So, nearest 4-5 village people are depend on it.

Rajpura Samba
Rajpura Smartphone Store [Romi Enterprises]

Post office of the village Rajpura Samba

The post office of the village Rajpura Samba is “Rajpura 184145”. All type of courier services are done by this post office.

Agriculture status of Rajpura Samba

There is agriculture department office in Rajpura samba. From there farmers purchase seeds extra. There is also one cooperative society fertilizer Store from where farmers get the fertilizers for their crops.

Rajpura Samba
Co-Operative Society Store

This is the all about village Rajpura Samba of union territory Jammu and Kashmir of India. If you want to know more about this village Rajpura Samba, you can participate in discussion through our comment section we will provide you a brief information.

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