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If you have very good skills in writing and want to publish your content then you are on right page.

Cracker Education allow Public to publish their content on their Website. Your content will be Publish through our Blog Section. But as water need a purification before drink like your content also will be go through a deep analysis. After this deep analysis we will publish your content and also give credit to you.

Backlinks Provide by Us.

We offer other websites to get backlinks on our website by putting a user submitted post on our website. But ensure that your hyperlinks are of good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions from Submit Your Post Page:

How to Get Backlinks Through Submitting Post ?

Simply send rich and non-copyrighted content to us.

How to Become Permanent Member of Cracker Education?

Regularly/weekly send post us and wait for our mail about membership

What is the benefit of submitting the post to Cracker Education?

We will gave you credit in your article and publish your article with your name on our Website.

What is Keyword?

A word/sentence which represent the whole post.

Which type of post is rich content?

That Post which have mentioned that what is keyword of the post and have post more than 850 words with Heading and subheading including keyword.

What is non-copyrighted content?

Which is not Copied from google or from another source. You have to write in your own words like you are making notes for you and your friends.

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