The cuisine of Lucknow Awadh : Dish 5 is Best

First Let we talk about what is ” cuisine “. Cuisine is a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.

The other name of Lucknow know as the city of Nawabs in which cuisine have taste of different types of Spice’s and herbs included and wast kind of curry’s , Breads , gravy also included in the cuisine of Lucknow the foods and ingredients are expensive and royal like saffron, royal cumin, mace, nutmegs, cobra saffron, sandalwood, etc. In which foods and culture see the mughal influence

Unique Ingredients of Cuisine

Spices like allspice (kebabchini), royal cumin (shahi jeera), mace (javitri), saffron
(kesar), baobeer, dried lemon grass (jarakush), sandalwood, rose petals, alum, vetiver etc .

A popular spice mix called Lazzat –e –� taam
Used to flavouring dishes.

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Special equipments

Deg : A pear shaped copper vessels.

Lagan : A heavy and round copper vessels deep and thick base.

Mahi tawa : Similar like a dosa tawa but curve into the out sides higher sides resembling a paraat.

Awadh dishes

Sheermal : A flaky bread made with refine flour, milk, and saffron, are added baked in tandoor or oven.


Shammi kebab : Shammi Kebab is a popular in Lucknow non vegetarian snack recipe prepared using mutton and chana dal with the vast types of spices adding.


Kakori kebab : Kakori kebab is an authentic Indian kebab with finely used of mutton
with spices, charcoal grilled on a skewer.


Rizala : Rizala gravy is usually made with meat cooking in ghee by combining white gravy with spices and cooked curd.


Pulao – Pulaos were popular in Awadhi cuisine and made from best long grain fragrant rice and Spice’s and meat stock are addeding.


Galavati kebab : Made so as to melt in mouth these are also popular as tunde ke kebab. Made by keema from breast of lamb and cooked on mahi tawa the texture is like a paste using Variety of spices.


Shahi tukda : Deep fried pieces of bread dipped in sugar syrup and rabri is poured over it. It is decorated with chopped nuts.


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